2018 Tarawera 100 Mile Endurance Run参加資格発表

来年から開催される100マイルレース、Tarawera 100 Mile Endurance Runの参加資格が発表された

Qualification Standards for the 2018 Tarawera 100 Mile Endurance Run.
1. You will need to have successfully completed a trail ultra run of 50km or longer between the period 1 June 2016 to 31 December 2017. You must have finished within the final cutoff time for that event. 
2. Your result must be for completion of that event. For example – you cannot submit a result showing you made it 55km into an 80km race. 
3. You will need to submit a link directly to your result online (on the official race website) when you sign up – or modify your entry profile at some later date to include that link. 
4. Runs that are on sealed roads or timed runs (e.g. 6, 12, 24 hr.) on a running track will not be accepted. 
5. Unofficial events (e.g. training runs) will not be accepted. 
6. This qualifying standard is for the 2018 race only. The qualifying standard for 2019 and beyond will be much more strict. 

7. Race management reserve the right to reject any result deemed not meeting criteria 1-5. 


俺はTarawera Ultramarathonの102kmを12時間以内で完走するまでレースは変えないつもりではいる。ただ100マイルというのは挑戦してみたいカテゴリーではある。